Our Beginning

Have you heard the rumor that there was a week of NON-STOP prayer for Decatur in July? It’s true! The week of July 12 – July 19 was set for 24-7 Prayer for Decatur. This was a community-wide effort and was supported by people from several different churches – THE ONE TRUE CHURCH of which we are all a part. We are still hearing of how lives were changed during that one week.

The prayer event was held at Decatur House of Prayer (DHOP) at 1920 N Oakland Avenue in Decatur. Every week is composed of 168 hours. We praise the Lord that we covered over 150 hours of prayer in-house at DHOP with others praying from home. It was truly an exciting week!

We are now planning to have at least one 24-hour day/night per week in our Prayer Room, with additional hours available.

Updates and pictures of our Prayer Room available right here soon.

Thanks and blessings to all who helped make our first 24-7 Prayer Room a reality. God bless each one!